Some of the best natural entrepreneurs in the United States are in under served urban communities, but they lack key resources needed to create sustainable businesses that benefit the broader community.

At Hustle PHX, we encourage the creation of sustainable business ventures that affirm the dignity of people and lead to the flourishing of all communities in Phoenix.

Now we need your help in growing our impact on small businesses throughout the valley.


As an Arizona taxpayer you have a unique opportunity to redirect some of your state tax funds to an organization of your choice that aligns with your values and charitable goals.  Organizations that can do things like give under-served areas in our city needed funds that provide opportunities, create jobs, and a hand up not a hand out.

Through this program, you can help us increase our impact and help our under-served communities grow through small businesses.


Your contributions will go into empowering and providing the needed resources to underserved entrepreneurs. Here are a few of our entrepreneur’s stories and how Hustle PHX has impacted their lives.

Iran Garcia

Popcorn and More

When Iran had the opportunity to take over this popcorn company, he had a vision. The simple question was asked, “Why just popcorn?” He took advantage of this opportunity to create more business by adding other aspects to the business. He added, smoothies, ice cream, gift baskets and more to become differentiator within the market. Iran’s strategy has opened the door to engage and pursue other market segments. Iran is taking Hustle PHX 101 to continue to learn how to grow and implement his product.

Josefina Aguiniga

JL Barber and Beauty

Josefina runs “JL Barber and Beauty”. She created the business because of her talent in beauty, but her why is because of her love of serving her customers in style. She loves when she sees people looking for something to make them feel good and providing that for them in whatever style they desire. Her shop emphasizes the diversity of style that they can accomplish to serve their customer. Josefina loves what she does and all the ways in which she’s able to do it. Josefina is taking Hustle PHX 101 to learn how to improve her business.

Fernando Samaniego

Boss Taxi

Fernando runs a taxi company called “Boss Taxi”. Fernando has years of experience within the taxi world. He wanted to start this business to create more business and opportunity within the community as well as provide for his family. Fernando is taking Hustle PHX 101 to learn how to expand his business.

Iris Duran

Universal Supplies

Iris’ entrepreneurial influence stems from her father. Her father was the one that opened up her eyes to the idea of owning your own business and the freedom that comes with it. Her business is “Universal Supplies” and she seeks to provide all possible janitorial supplies for any type of janitorial work. Iris is taking Hustle PHX 101 to make her business more efficient.